dazzling jawa forty two
Jawa forty two
 It’s a Jawa alright - but it’s like no Jawa you’ve seen before. It’s the same rugged reliability, but with a fresh, modern look. From its quality matte finish to dazzling chrome detailing, the Forty Two represents a brilliant new chapter in Jawa history - a fresh invitation to the freedom of the open road. Continually pushing the envelope, the Forty Two introduces premium Italian engineering to legendary Jawa build quality to create the ultimate cruiser - with dreamy handling, smooth acceleration, and tight braking. And the only thing that’s missing is you. Are you worthy? 
Passion and Horsepower
Few bikes have been loved the way classic Jawas have been - and the passion of its predecessors was baked in from the start, beginning with a single cylinder, four-stroke 300cc engine.
Premium Italian engineering pairs the elegance of sleek lines and graceful curves with an uncompromisingly robust design to create the Forty Two. Because engineering is only half the job - a Jawa is a work of art.
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